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Research Opportunites

We invite you to participate in a focus group to identify clinicians’ practices regarding
atypical anorexia nervosa. We hope this will be useful to the iaedp-kc’s membership
because no empirical research characterizing clinicians’ practices for clients with
atypical anorexia nervosa currently exist.

To participate, you must be age 18 or older and regularly treat individuals with eating
disorders. All professional disciplines are eligible to participate. The study will involve
reviewing a 10-minute survey and providing feedback in focus groups of four to ten
individuals. Focus groups will last for approximately one-hour. Although no
compensation will be provided, we plan to distribute the study and publish the results of
the study. We will share our results with you through the iaedp-kc’s listserv. Your
responses will be kept confidential.

If you are interested in participating, please email Sarah Johnson at
If you have any questions about this research, please contact us at
Thank you for your potential participation.

Sarah Johnson, B.A., Kelsie Forbush, Ph.D., and Sara Gould, Ph.D.


Dr. Kara Christensen at the University of Kansas is recruiting eating disorder treatment providers (psychologists, counselors, and therapist trainees) for a research project studying your training in behavioral sleep medicine and experiences associated with diagnosing and treating insomnia. Providers of all training levels are eligible, however you must have a current caseload of four or more individual clients with eating disorders and practice in the United States. Participation will consist of a 15-20 minute survey, for which you will be compensated $25 via Amazon gift card. People who complete this survey will receive priority registration for a free web-based training in insomnia treatment and assessment to be conducted in Phase Two of this research study.


Please visit for more information and to complete a brief, 5-minute eligibility survey. Any questions or concerns may be directed to our team at

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